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Mason at 7 months


Mason is seven months old today.

Mason is seven months old today 2/26/09. Tomorrow will mark six months of our lives together; I first held Mason in my arms on 8/27/08. We’re experiencing a whopping snow storm this afternoon, but it’s not hard for me to recall my first days with Mason and the experience of being in Baton Rouge during Hurricane Gustov. I hope I do not have to continue to mark the milestones of Mason’s life with major storms!

Being Mason’s mom is truly an experience I treasure. I always wanted to have children, and then for years I thought I might not fulfill that dream. After two failed adoptions, and many months of paperwork and preparation, little Mason finally arrived unexpectedly. Now it seems like he’s always been with me. I literally cannot remember what it felt like to be me before my life started with Mason. When I received the first picture of Mason sent to me the day his birthparents surrendered him, the caption read, “Mommy’s Baby Boy.” I still call him that. Mommy’s baby boy changes every d…

Mason and Tracy from Crossroads Adoption Services

Second to last home visit. Only one more to go.

Happy Valentine's Day from Mason